Friday, January 30, 2015

So I write...

Happy New Year, says the girl the next to last day of January! We're well on our way into 2015 and I most certainly pray this year is filled with God's greatest blessings for me. And, when challenges come I pray that I am strengthened through and beyond them! My prayer for you also is to experience blessings you won't have room enough to receive!
The year of 2014 certainly had its share of challenges and losses for me. One of the things I lost in 2014 was my desire to write or express myself through writing. You see I have always had trouble expressing myself verbally as I did not acquire the gift of being quick-witted. It takes me a little while to get past my emotions and articulate how I'm feeling. I used to, well, I still get a little frustrated with myself concerning this, especially in the midst of an argument or heated discussion. I think of things I should have said after the fact! So I write!
Writing gives me the time I need to process my thoughts and express them freely without being interrupted or misunderstood. So I write! I'm very sensitive, always have been, and I can cry at the drop of a hat. The song says, "Big Girls Don't Cry," but I say yes we do, however I prefer not to display my vulnerabilities to too many. So I write! I'm naturally shy so writing allows me to stay behind the scenes. I dread standing in front of people to face the many facial expressions and stares. I'm getting better at being out front since I minister in song before people just about every Sunday, but I still have a ways to go! So I write! Ultimately writing is therapy for me. I feel it is never good to keep your feelings or thoughts bottled up inside, especially discomforting feelings or feelings that could fester into something detrimental to your growth and well being. I often find myself not being able to share these feelings with many because of past hurts, so outside of God and a very select few writing allows a much needed release. So I write!
I invite you to go with me on this journey as I pray something good comes out of it for you and for me! I'll share and we'll grow together through inspirational thoughts. Oh, I'm also going to share with you my love for beauty products, you know makeup, hair care, skin care and nail care products!
So for now and until the next keep it beautiful and I'll keep inspiring!