Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lip Gloss Chronicles: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

So, I’m starting a new series on my blog and over on my YouTube channel to pay homage to the somewhat forgotten about lip product: lip gloss! Since matte lippies – matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks – have made their mark in the beauty industry, everybody and their mama is all about that matte lip life! I mean, don’t get me wrong, matte lips are gorgeous and I’m slowly but surely adding some of these delectable delights to my collection, but let’s face it, I’m a lip gloss girl! So, I decided to dedicate a series featuring some of my favorite lip glosses by brand, starting with Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss!

I absolutely fell in love with these glosses because they provide a creamy, full body color with a high shine! This gloss is highly pigmented, very moisturizing and the sheen ranges from a subtle to vinyl shine - my kind of product! It’s like having a two-for-one deal: the pigmentation of a lipstick and the shine of a lip gloss! I initially purchased four of the colors, but just recently four more colors arrived in my collection! And...more colors are will end up in my collection for sure! Yep, that’s how much I heart these glosses!

Some quick facts about these glosses:

  • Available in 34 shades (Nine new shades will be added soon)
  • Available at Macy’s Impulse locations,  Macy's website and Anastasia Beverly Hills' website
  • $16/each for 4.5 g/0.16 Oz.
  • Pink, red, orange, purple and vampy colors are available
  • Smooth & creamy formula w/full color coverage high gloss sheen
  • Non-sticky & lightweight
  • Butterscotch scented; tasteless
  • Flat, doe-foot applicator
  • Cream & metallic finishes
  • Can be worn alone or layered with other lip products
Needless to say, I highly recommend you picking up one, two or all thirty-four shades to add to your collection. Even if you’re not a complete lip gloss junkie, I’m sure out of the range of colors available you can find something that suits your fancy. I have the colors: Metallic Rose, Gilded, Purple Rain, Venom, Orchid, Peony, Vintage and Runway Red. Take a look at some pics of those babies below:

ABH Lip Gloss Packaging
(l to r) Gilded, Venom, Metallic Rose & Purple Rain

(l to r) Gilded, Purple Rain, Metallic Rose & Venom

Venom Lip Swatch

Purple Rain Lip Swatch

Metallic Rose Lip Swatch

Gilded Lip Swatch

(l to r) Orchid, Peony, Vintage & Runway Red

(l to r) Runway Red, Vintage, Peony & Orchid

Vintage Lip Swatch

Peony Lip Swatch

Orchid Lip Swatch

Runway Red Lip Swatch